A better medication experience

WithMe combines personalized medication guidance with our modern PBM or a client’s existing PBM to lower pharmacy spend and improve health outcomes

Modern PBM

People don’t always get prescribed the right medication or get the support they need along the way. We use smart technology, clinical expertise and our team of pharmacists to guide people every step of the way.


Medication Guidance

Pharmacy spend is rising fast. It doesn’t need to. Together, we can stop the trend. We guide members to lower cost medications. We help them understand if those medications are working for them. If they’re not, we help them consider alternatives.

What is personalized medication guidance?



Evidence-based medication reviews determine what works for whom, while clinical rule sets and rich data enable further personalization and tailoring of guidance to each member.



All medication types are evaluated--including orals, self-injectables, provider-administered agents, over-the-counter options, vitamins, relevant diagnostics, and digital therapeutics--to deliver a holistic point of view across all options.



With 24/7 access to a Medication Guide via the WithMe mobile app or phone, members can get help navigating their medication journey at the lowest cost with the best outcomes.

We believe in aligning interests.

Our business model is designed to align our incentives with those of our clients. We proactively engage members to get them on the right medications. We lower spend, improve outcomes, and deliver a better medication experience.

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