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Beyond the Counter: Expanding the Role of the Pharmacist

Pharmacists will always remain a white-coated fixture of the pharmacy, filling prescriptions and dispensing medications behind the counter. But we ...

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WithMe Health’s Engagement Model: The Science of Motivation, the ...

Managing health, whether for yourself or a loved one, is inherently stressful. It is high-stakes and complicated. For many, it ...

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The Missing Piece in PBM Evaluations

Too often, utilization management programs are not assigned a monetary value, one based on actual savings opportunities that exist within ...

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The Specialty "Carve Out"

In the last two decades, specialty medication’s percentage of total drug spend has skyrocketed. In 2004, specialty accounted for 19% ...

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Incentives Matter

If you’re a manager or a parent, you probably spend a lot of time thinking, how do I get someone ...

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The PBM Equation

For a long time, price has been at the center of most decisions made in the pharmacy benefit space. Price ...

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Behind the Scenes: Pass-Through Contracts

In theory, pass-through contracts are a tool that plan sponsors can use to illuminate what PBMs pay to pharmacies. In ...

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Prior Authorizations: Realizing Their Potential

From a provider and patient perspective, the process of obtaining a prior authorization can seem like a tedious and unnecessary ...

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How Covid-19 Could Advance Healthcare in America

While Covid-19 has had a host of devastating impacts here in the U.S. and around the world, it has also ...

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