WithMe Health joins Castlight Health’s ecosystem partner network

WithMe Team

SAN MATEO, CA (PRNewswire) -- WithMe Health (“WithMe Health" or simply "WithMe"), a modern PBM and personalized medication guidance digital health company, has formally joined the Castlight Health (“Castlight”) ecosystem partners roster.

With this ecosystem partnership established, WithMe becomes one of a select few pharmacy-focused ecosystem partners for Castlight and the only partner that offers pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services as well as medication guidance services. WithMe’s medication guidance services are automatically included as part of its PBM solution or can be added as an overlay to a client’s existing PBM to provide oversight of the PBM and a more engaging member experience.

“Castlight is an ideal partner for WithMe, having established meaningful engagement with their members and serving as the digital front door to a client’s multiple solutions,” says Joe Murad, WithMe Health President & CEO. “Pharmacy is the most frequent touchpoint with the healthcare system, and we hope to deepen Castlight’s member engagement even further around the most common and impactful medication-related interactions.

Making Pharmacy Spend and Outcomes a Priority

With multiple disease- and condition-specific ecosystem partnerships established, pharmacy is a clear priority for Castlight because of the relevance across the board, from everyday maintenance medications to high-cost specialty medications. Further, patients who need the most support tend to have multiple medications across multiple health needs and often need hands-on support to navigate the complexity of medications, especially when prescribers don’t have visibility into a patient’s cost share for medications or a patient’s full ‘medicine cabinet.’

“We’ve built out our portfolio of best-in-class ecosystem partners with the goal of integrating a broad and comprehensive set of resources for our client’s most pressing needs. It’s clear our clients are making pharmacy management a priority, and we are too,” says Matt Moran, Castlight’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Development.

High-Tech, High-Touch x 2

WithMe members have 24/7 virtual access to Medication Guides, who are primarily pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. They’re experts in clinical pharmacy interventions and trained in WithMe’s “MEDS” (Meet-Evaluate-Decide-Support) engagement model, which is grounded in behavioral science and cognitive psychology. And they rely on the “Guide App,” WithMe’s proprietary operational CRM platform, which houses rich member profiles and generates recommended interventions for members based on a robust clinical ruleset and analytics engine.

As Moran puts it, “What stood out for us about WithMe is not only their purpose-built mobile technology, but also their highly proactive outreach to members from Medication Guides to flag cost savings and clinical improvement opportunities. This is the same high-tech, high-touch philosophy we’re grounded in at Castlight.”

An Integrated Experience to Drive Savings and
Improved Outcomes

Employers and health plans are increasingly looking at addressing spend through their primary care strategy (either digitally or in-person); focusing on appropriate prescription drug utilization in the context of primary care can be critical to driving down the total cost of care.

And, as no one knows better than Castlight, using connected navigation to integrate strategies to drive down the total cost of care will yield even greater results.

“We know plan sponsors are facing point solution fatigue, and members are confused about the resources available to them. By integrating with Castlight, we can simplify the experience for our clients and further elevate WithMe’s resources for the members who would most benefit from support in managing their medications,” according to Shane Giuliani, Vice President at WithMe.

WithMe’s services will be recommended to members directly in the Castlight app and by Castlight’s high-touch Care Guides. Many members will also receive calls directly from WithMe’s Medication Guides with opportunities to save money, such as therapeutic alternatives or site of fill optimization, or more clinically-related opportunities, such as adherence support, drug interaction and safety reviews, and monitoring of disease and symptom progression.

About WithMe Health

WithMe Health’s mission is to create a significantly better medication experience for all our members, putting their health and needs first as they navigate the complexity of medications. We offer our clinical expertise to members and their trusted providers to save them money and to improve their health. We’re unsatisfied with the status quo in pharmacy benefits management and medication guidance. WithMe knows that we can provide an easier and more personalized, cost-effective, and equitable experience for members, while helping our clients--those who provide pharmacy benefits--make a more impactful investment in their members’ health.

For more information visit www.withmehealth.com. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.