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Do you have at least one prescription?

Do you wonder whether you’re paying more than you should for your medications?

Could you use some help managing your medications?

If you said Yes to any of these questions, the WithMe Medication Guidance service and app are right for you.

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Contact our friendly, expert Medication Guides

Need help with something not listed on this page or have additional questions?

Call us at 1-866-840-1877 24/7 or reach us through the chat feature in our mobile app.

Our Medication Guide team is here to help with questions about your benefits and medications, including:

  • copays, deductibles, and max out-of-pocket expenses
  • pharmacy network
  • claims processing, submission, and payment status
  • benefit coverage/eligibility
  • coverage decisions & appeals
  • any questions about your medications or treatment
  • any complaints (though we hope to avoid those in the first place, and we promise to make things right!)

What can you do with the app?

  • Access your digital ID card
  • Chat directly with a pharmacist or pharmacy technician
  • Look up in-network pharmacies near you
  • Find drug coverage details
  • Get personalized savings opportunities
  • Do a drug price check
  • Find drug alternatives to save money
  • Track prior authorization progress (coming soon!)
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Download the mobile app NOW! Don’t miss out on these unique features.

Three ways to download:

  1. Pull out your phone and scan the QR code here
  2. Search “WithMe Health” in your app store, or
  3. Visit on your phone’s browser

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WithMe Health Medication Guidance Program

What the Program Entails

If you have received notice from your employer and/or medical insurance provider that you have access to WithMe’s services, you can enjoy easy access to our team of Medication Guides (friendly, expert pharmacists and pharmacy technicians) who are here to help you with all your medication needs. The program is designed to proactively watch out for you, spotting opportunities for cost savings as well as opportunities to improve your health outcomes. In addition to access to our Medication Guide team, you can download our mobile app.

Program Availability & Opt Out

The program is available to you through your employer-sponsored health benefits at no cost to you. We would like to make sure that you understand all the benefits of the program. If you have any questions or would like to opt-out of the program, please contact us at 1-866-840-1877 or through the chat function on our app.

Hours of Service

Our primary hours of service are Monday through Friday 8am-10:30pm EST, Saturday and Sunday 9am-5:30pm EST. Other support is standing by 24/7.