How can we help?

Our model is flexible. We can replace your PBM or provide Medication Guidance on top of your existing PBM.

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We often get the question: How is WithMe Health different?

You face many options. Let’s help make sense of it all. Here’s how our Modern PBM and Medication Guidance solutions compare to those options.

Compare our Two Products

Are you frustrated with your current PBM?

If so, our full replacement modern PBM solution is right for you.

Our unique Medication Guidance is included in our PBM offering. No piecemealing, no buy-ups.

Not ready to switch PBMs, but looking for better oversight of your current PBM?

If so, we can still help in a meaningful way by overlaying our Medication Guidance solution on top of your existing PBM. We’ll get the right data from them and engage your members in ways they won’t.

Features Personalized Medication Guidance Personalized Medication Guidance Modern PBM Modern PBM
Member mobile app
Guide app (purpose-built CRM)
Configurable clinical rules engine
Pharmacist-led guide team
Customizable clinical programs
Enhanced guidance scope & impact
Claims processing
Member services
Formulary and plan design management
Pharmacy network and drug pricing
Big 3 PBMs Other Independent PBMs Retail Savings Solutions Specialty Carve-outs

Compare to WithMe Health's Modern PBM

Core PBM (e.g., claims processing) Yes Yes Yes
Rates Competitive Lowest for Jumbos Competitive
Rebates (pass-through or not) True pass-through Keeps some rebates Pass-through varies
Administrative fee Fixed, PMPM only Varies, extra fees Fixed, PMPM only
Auditable Yes No Yes
Formulary customization Yes Limited Varies

Compare to WithMe Health's Personalized Medication Guidance

Pharmacist-led medication guides Yes No No No No
Clinical Rx programs Fully Integrated Separate, buy-ups Separate, buy-ups Limited Specialty only
Guidance support scope Specialty & Retail Limited Limited Retail focus Specialty only
Proactive outbound interventions Guide-driven No No Mainly self-service No
Digital Rx experience for members Core experience Core experience Limited Core experience Limited
Personalized savings opportunities Yes No No Yes Yes