Medications have evolved, but little else has.

That’s where WithMe Health comes in. Aligning our interests with those of our clients and members, plus a proactive human-led and tech-enabled approach, makes all the difference.

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You understand the importance of managing pharmacy. 

Let’s help you get control of your pharmacy spend, especially before the incoming wave of new spending hits.

Get control of your medication spend.

PBM Switch

We make this easy, since our hands-on approach to the member experience creates a smooth transition for your members (and therefore you). Taking this approach gets you our modern PBM plus Personalized Medication Guidance, with a single admin fee (no buy-ups).

Medication Guidance Only

If you’re not quite ready to switch PBMs, our Medication Guidance solution can overlay on top of your current PBM, so you can be confident that someone is proactively impacting financial and clinical outcomes. And we’ll put a significant share of savings at risk, because we believe in the impact.

Outcomes-driven: experience, health and financial

Fees at risk align our interests to achieve outcomes

Simple fee structure

Lower total cost of care

Attract and retain happy, healthy employees.

Personalized savings recommendations, lowering member spend

Response validation, establishing if medications are working for members

Care coordination, reducing nonadherence or health setbacks

Richer data profiles, helping to identify the most valuable and effective options

A better medication experience for everyone.

Working from robust member profiles--made up of Rx and medical claims, SDoH, self-assessment, and other data--allows us to prioritize our interventions, determining which employees need the most help and what the next best actions are.

Medication Guides use our purpose-built CRM to drive their interventions.

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Our analytics engine points us to the right members.

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Learn more about our solutions and what’s different about them.

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