We’re building a new way to manage medications.

The current system has made it impossible for employers and their members to be active participants in the medication journey. WithMe Health is changing that.

Why with me

Medication costs are driving the high cost of healthcare. Lack of access, complex treatments and affordability issues are forcing people to alter or abandon treatment. Even when a medication is secured, people don’t fully understand the impact of taking the drug — its possible side effects, interactions or whether it’s even working.


The cost of healthcare is hurting your business.

Premiums for family health coverage are over $19,000 per employee and rising rapidly.


Medication spend is rising the fastest, with specialty as the key driver.

Specialty has ballooned to almost 50% of medication spend, but it only represents 1-2% of the population.


While the price of specialty medications are rising, utilization is rising faster.

Utilization was responsible for 75% of the increase in specialty medication spend.


And many of these medications don’t work for everyone.

Only 25% of Humira patients will see clinical benefit in 6 months.


And even when they do work, many people don’t stay on therapy.

Nonadherence affects 40-50% of patients with chronic conditions.

WithMe Health is bringing medication back to the forefront of good medicine.

We’re replacing an impersonal experience with personalization and guidance at every step of the process.


Significant spend reduction over time


Experience, health, and financial outcomes


Live clinical support and intuitive mobile app


Our sole interests are your bottom line and your members’ health

Step out from behind the scenes to see what patients experience.

Why with me

Making an impact on medication selection & journey requires an impactful engagement model.

We call it MEDS. It's more than an acronym - it's a philosophy. With MEDS, we develop trusted relationships with our members through accurate and empathetic support, enabling us to guide them towards better medication selection and healthier choices.


  • Establish trust and mutual goals
  • With empathy and active listening


  • View a member's complete history, beyond just claims data
  • Uncover a member's motivators or barriers to accessing medications


  • Lay out options for the member with pros, cons and the impact of each decision
  • Enable the member to choose the right option for them with our support


  • Assess a member's readiness to make lasting behavior change
  • Establish clear next steps and a follow up plan