We deliver significant savings and improved outcomes.

It’s possible to rein in pharmacy spend, but employers and their members are up against difficult challenges.

Why With Me Option 1

Let’s face these challenges together.


The cost of healthcare is hurting your business.

Premiums for family health coverage are over $19,000 per employee and rising rapidly.


A big wave of pharmacy spend is coming.

75% of the ~7,000 medications in development are specialty.


Medication spend is rising the fastest, with specialty as the key driver.

Specialty has ballooned to almost 50% of medication spend, but it only represents 1-2% of the population.


Pharmacy spend increases are now driven primarily by utilization, not price.

Utilization is responsible for ¾ of specialty pharmacy trend, so lower rates and higher rebates won’t stop the spend.


Other PBMs have clinical programs, but they’re unreliable and incomplete.

Employers face misaligned incentives, a patchwork quilt of programs, and the nickel-and-diming of program buy-ups.

A Better Medication Experience


37% pharmacy spend savings

Equates to $35 PMPM in savings, mostly driven by impacting utilization


-2% Rx trend

Compared to 5-8% for competitors


85 Net Promoter Score

Compared to <10 for competitors

An engagement model that works, delivering a 44% member engagement rate.

We call it MEDS. It's more than an acronym - it's a philosophy. With MEDS, we develop trusted relationships with our members through accurate and empathetic support, enabling us to guide them towards better medication selection and healthier choices.


  • Establish trust and mutual goals
  • With empathy and active listening


  • View a member's complete history, beyond just claims data
  • Uncover a member's motivators or barriers to accessing medications


  • Lay out options for the member with pros, cons and the impact of each decision
  • Enable the member to choose the right option for them with our support


  • Assess a member's readiness to make lasting behavior change
  • Establish clear next steps and a follow up plan